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Media Buying

Planning, creating, and carrying out outdoor advertising campaigns is our area of expertise. As a company that specializes in outdoor advertising, we have extensive understanding of the market, including where to place ads, what kinds of ads to use, and how to draw attention to them. With the objectives and target market of your brand in mind, our team can develop specialized outdoor advertising plans. To make the intended impression, we are skilled at choosing the ideal outdoor settings and layouts. We can negotiate better prices and more favorable placement for your commercials because of our solid ties with outdoor media suppliers. For your advertising budget, this purchasing power may result in cost savings.

Bill Boards

The goal of hoarding advertisements is to quickly capture the attention of the reader and leave them thinking about the advertisement long after they have driven past it. A hoarding is a temporary boarded fence in a public place that is typically erected around a building site. Its dual purpose is to protect the public from construction site works and to display advertisements. Because hoardings are typically read while being passed at high speeds, they must be understood quickly. Typically, they consist of only a few words in large print, along with a humorous or arresting image in vibrant color.

Bus Benches / Bus Shelters

Among the top bus shelter and bus stop branding companies in Karnataka is Webstra. In Karnataka cities like Bangalore and Hubli, we offer all of these bus shelter advertising and bus stop branding services at reasonable prices. Bus shelters are a highly efficient way to advertise a variety of goods and services in a city like Bangalore, where thousands of commuters ride buses every day. Transit shelter advertising is another name for Bus Shelter! These "billboards" aren't only for cyclists, either.

Bus Back Panels

Bus branding is the next most popular kind of advertising in transit media. In areas of India that are largely dry and mountainous, where the trains are not as widely dispersed, buses serve as the lifelines for intra- and even inter-state travel. They are also the foundation of the transportation network. Buses, controlled by the state and the private sector, are widely available to carry passengers to these remote locations as well as other locations across the nation. Using bus branding to promote your brand to both passengers and bystanders in the areas the bus travels through is an efficient strategy.

Auto Branding 

Printing is an outdated yet economical form of advertising. A fantastic way to get your marketing seen locally and regionally is through auto branding. Autorikshaws are roving across the city, in all directions. An autorikshaw travels 150–200 km a day on average. Thus, you can see what kind of exposure auto branding would provide for your advertisements. For every vehicle branding assignment, Webstra employs an auto branding strategy that is entirely different from that of other advertising.

Center Median Advertising

For a wide range of appealing styles and patterns to satisfy the varied needs of their clients, Webstra Softech is the finest supplier of pole advertisements and rode medians boards. The purpose of these imaginative hoardings is to effectively provide our clients with the information they want in an educational pattern.

They create a variety of kiosks for exhibits, trade shows, and general advertising needs. We provide timely and reasonably priced services.

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